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I was surprised a thread like this wasn't up yet-or at least not one that I could find. A lot of people have either piercings or tattoos, or both. Let's see em'!

I only have one tattoo and that is the photo of the tree on my right upper arm (the day it was done). I have my belly pierced, hip piercings, and my ears pierced three times each side (Two cartilage left, one lobe) (One cartilage right, two lobe). I plan to get another tattoo within the next few months.

Hahah steazman tried making this thread a couple weeks ago, didn't take off, got deleted. I only have two tattoos. Dont feel like finding/taking pics of either right now though....

i also recal a thread such as this 3 years ago or so.. dont know what ever happend to it or who startedit but it was around..

also do not feel like photoing my peircings or tats.. and i dont beleive anyone ele wants to see them..lol.

but 3 tattoos..21 peircings.

No pics and don't feel like taking any...

2 tattoos, 12 piercings... Want more of both but that requires $$$$$.

I have some shots kicking around somewhere, but i'm far too lazy to go find them. Maybe someday...


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