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you ARE being watched!


yeah i know, everyone knows we're being watched.
i didnt know the extent of it til recently though....
i told my psychiatrist that i wanted to quit smoking. i get home from that visit and my facebook is covered in quitting smoking ads.
fair enough, thats what i get for having my smart phone on me while at a shrink appt.
but yesterday, on THIS forum, i posted a david lee roth video, and guess what...
not only are there ads for the OLD van halen on my facebook, but also on my youtube account and google+ (which i dont even use!). not the new van halen, which i hate, JUST VH with DLR!
this shit is crossing platforms now and getting kinda scary.
maybe now that im not addicted to facebook anymore, ill just quit social media except for youtube. i gotta put my videos somewhere

FB's been dirty since at least 2008.
Was on 1 month; a good code writer turned me on to it.
He punched out after 2 weeks because of spyware/data mining/endless bs...

FB has been dirty since day one, IMO. All social media is that way to a certain extent, that's why i hardly ever visit any of my accounts. Best source of info on anyone.


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