Operation Tip Toe

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Say, Those Tulips Look Familiar
In an inspired collaboration between art and urban exploration that inexplicably
perturbed area preservationists, hundreds of tulips left over from the
Massachusetts Mental Hospital installation made their way quietly to the grounds of
unmarked graves at the Danvers State Hospital on November 21. The New England
Urban Exploration Alliance (NEUEA) received the tulips from artist Anna Schuliet
after her exhibition closed on November 17. The action, dubbed Operation Tip Toe,
was performed by a dozen NEUEA members in the dead of night as an act of
memorial to those who lost their lives, as well as their souls, at Danvers. Should the
bulbs successfully winter over, the tulips (and some daffodils planted by the
preservation committee) should make their appearance on the grounds this coming

                                                                 --Ninjalicious / Infiltration.org
The Cast:

Mike Dijital: Planner, Driver, Planter
John Gray: Planner , Media contact
Anna Schuleit : Flowers
Karen " Facinated": Driver
Paula : Driver
John Archer : Warehousing
Agent Nine and Crew : Planters
Ethan : Planter
Mark : Planter
Sher and Tia : Planters
Dave and Rydia : supervision and smokes

Right Photo :
Agent NINE