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My first full color photobook featuring favorite shots from this website and some
never before seen pictures. The book can be previewed and ordered here
Abandoned By Mike Dijital
*A guy with a Camera and a will to get in!*  

Since the late 80's I've been sneaking around forgotten places.
Don't know why but I just love it. I started photographing these
places in 2000 and after a long string of websites and miles
travelled, here we are. I also dabble in music. To keep up to date
with my personal side use any of the Mike Dijital links below.

Thanks for checking this site out & taking the time to read a
little bit about me
Bio of Mike Dijital
A New Morning  
This is a TV spot we did for The Halmark Channels morning show " A New
Morning with Timberly Whitfield. Click the link below to watch

                     Mike and Anna on A New Morning
4 Guys Podcast
A pretty good sized interview I did with the guys over at 4 guys radio show

                                Mike on 4 Guys podcast
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AC Interview
An interview I did with AC's own Freak Mama

                                    Mike's AC Interview Gear
Our Cafe Press shop offering sweatshirts, T-shirtsand stickers of our logo

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Our Cafe Press shop offering sweatshirts, T-shirtsand stickers of the DegGi 5 Logo

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Nothing Better
Some of my pictures were used to recreate hospital scenes for the movie Nothing
Better. Click the link below to see some of the scenes

                               Clips from Nothing Better
Through the gates of hell
A Book I worked on with author Ruth Whalen about the effects of caffine on
people. I did the photography and designed the cover

                             Welcome to the gates of hell
Project 17
A Fiction story about Danvers State Hospital by Laurie Stolarz that I helped with
reserch work as well as creating the promo trailer using my original movies and
music. Click below to see the trailer.

                                              Project 17  
The Haunted Palace
A Book I did photo work for documenting the History of Danvers State Hospital,
click the link below to find out more about it

                                    The Haunted Palace
The Light
My second project with author Ruth Whalen. The Light hits hard with the
subject of How Stress Poisons the Central Nervous System and Causes ADHD,
Parkinson's Disease, Schizophrenia, Autoimmune Response and More

                                                The Light
Weird Massachusetts
This book features a ton of my photo's in the Abandoned asylum section. but
even more the book back to front is amazing. Go get yourself a copy
                                Weird Massachusetts